February 11, 2013


While putting Stella to bed last Thursday night she told me she was excited that Abraham Lincoln was visiting her class the following day.

I said, "What?"

She said, "Yeah, and did you know that Abraham Lincoln had a mom, but she died, and then he had a stepmom. But it's not the real Abraham Lincoln. He died. He got shoot."

I might've picked a different set of highlights from his career, but not too shabby.

Then we get this image from one of her teachers...

Holy cow! It's Abraham Lincoln! And he's 18 feet tall! (And there's our goofball left front barely holding it together.)

Anyway, here's her pretty awesome artistic interpretation of the emancipator:

On a somewhat-related note: Stella has been using Mommy's computer recently to do some math and spelling lessons, and the website she loves reward kids with a "pet" hamster that she can feed, water, build tube mazes for, etc. She grilled Markana endlessly to give her some pet names, and after turning them all down I proposed...

Abrahamster Lincoln!

Genius, right?

She shrugged it off and chose "Trixie".

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