February 5, 2011

The persistence of children

Sometimes when children beg and beg and beg for something, it's a trying experience. Lots of whining and begging = lots of frustration and impatience for mom and dad.

But, in my brief time as a father, I've learned that sometimes the begging is simply an expression of how excited a child can be, which is why on Saturday morning, when Stella wouldn't stop crying and pleading, we finally gave in and took her to Madison, TN, for a photo opp with her favorite Atlanta Braves. Despite one momentary lapse of concentration when she wanted to play in a giant pink kayak, she was enthralled.


Alright, I'm kidding. After weeks and weeks of hounding, I finally caved and told Markana that I would take her. Females on her side of the family can be persistent and willful, to say the least.