March 16, 2010

My baby

Just look at my girl. I love this picture.

This is how I see her face in my head. I have been thinking of her so much lately - not that she and I don't spend plenty of time together. Last week I started radiation and as I lay there on the table the first day, I planted this image in my mind. I thought about those big brown eyes, cute little bangs and those sweet cheeks. I thought of all the things that embody who she is - some make me laugh, some make me cry and some make me tired! And she is perfectly who she is and there is no confusion there.

And she has just gotten so big. When I get her out of bed, walk past the mirror and see her legs dangling long down my body is when I realize it. And it is such a bitter sweet moment. It is sad to think that you can't ever get these moments back, but beautiful to be able to watch her grow.