September 27, 2009

Max and Stella

From September, 2009

Our friends Mike And Jennifer Sewell are in town for the weekend and stopped in on Sunday for a quick play date. Max and Stella met for the first time and had a ball, though I'm not really sure each knew the other was in the room. Regardless, here they are looking pretty darn cute together.

September 14, 2009

Stella loves capers, makes pasta

It was a big food Sunday at the Jordans. We started with what is becoming a ritual — morning bagels at Star Bagel in Sylvan Park. Daddy always gets a bagel with lox and Mommy steals his capers. Only this time, Lil' Miss S stole them. Daddy started liking capers at age 37. Stella at 14 months.

From September, 2009

Then we had a fun night with our new pasta maker making ricotta and sausage ravioli with our homemade spinach pasta dough. Yum.

From September, 2009

September 2, 2009

My Buddies and Me

This is a glimpse into our afternoons. To the left is Sam and next to Stella is Claire. We all live within sight's distance of one another and meet up daily for walks and play dates.

This photo is pretty typical. Stella and Claire getting dirty and occasionally consuming rocks while Sam sits back keeping very tidy wondering why in the world they are playing in the dirt. So funny.

It has been amazing to watch these girls grow and learn together and from one another. Sam is 4 weeks younger than Stella and Claire is 3 months younger, but no worries there, she can hold her own.

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