April 14, 2008

Two down, one to go

Week 28

Welcome to the third trimester. Stella is extra busy these days, and from the looks of it, extra big, too. Markana has received some comments that because she's carrying Stella low, it might be a boy. I hope he likes yellow sweaters.

April 3, 2008

26 Weeks

So, we went for an ultrasound today and found out that the placenta has shifted. Hooray! The doctor said that everything looks perfect and we are all set to move forward with a vaginal birth. No Cesarean. This is fantastic news. (I bet you never thought you would hear so much about a person's placenta)

Now, I must deal with the politics of abandoning my OBGYN. She has been so wonderful to me throughout this crazy adventure, but we just do not share the same point of view of my desired birth. We spoke with her about the hypnobirth at out last appointment and did not receive a "warm and fuzzy" feeling from her. We are so excited about the birth, and know what we want, so we have to seek out a more suitable person to share this with us. Our first stop will be at Vanderbilt Hospital with a nurse midwife. More later on that, but any advise on how to I should let my doctor know that I will no longer need her services is much appreciated.

Meanwhile, I also learned today that I have gained 17 pounds. Wow! Is this normal? Considering I have 3 months to go, I think I better slow down on the sweets. But the gelato at work is so delicious!

Lastly, in the ultrasound today Stella was sitting upright inside me- on her little toosh. That just makes me smile.