January 27, 2009

A diversion from the usual...

I have slight reservations about posting such an entry here. After all, this blog is devoted to the ever-growing butterball we call Stella.

But lately I've been reading more and more comments about how worried everyone is about Obama as President, specifically Christians. And it worries me. This quote from a Jan 20 blog posting sums it up:

"...amidst the $170 million affair, the hoopla of our first African-American President, and the controversial issues that have been pounding our living rooms for the past year during the most expensive campaign in this nation's history, it remains a very sad day. A day when all I can think about is what a bleak future we are headed into with Obama as president." (see blog)

I could say many things in response (like "bleaker than what we're already experiencing?"), but instead I'll just add a few remarks as an opposing viewpoint.

To get it in the open right away, I support and voted for Obama.

Here is a man that in his first full week as President has brought a sense of unity to this country that has been missing for a long time. He has inspired thousands, if not millions, to do something good with their lives and their time. We've already seen the direct effect of thousands of people signing up to give of their free time, primarily because an inspiring leader asked them to. It's the call of a great leader that many of us have been waiting for.

One of the recent (and continual) hot buttons: Abortion.

I understand the highly emotional divide of pro life vs. pro choice, and I understand how it leads people to vote the way they do. But Obama himself was quoted to say that despite our differences on the issue, we can all agree that unwanted pregnancy is the real culprit. If we do a better job of avoiding unwanted pregnancies, we do a better job of avoiding the choice of abortion. He was trying to reframe the issue in a way we could unite behind and make a true, positive impact.

He also said that none of us are pro-abortion, and he's right. It's a horrible decision to make and it's a horrible circumstance that leads someone to even consider the option. I personally think we have to stop equating pro-choice with pro-murder - they are not the same thing. (but that's another post...)

To say I'm an Obama supporter is also to say I am not a Bush fan, but to be clear, it had little to do with his religious beliefs or abortion stance.

It had more to do with how he failed to rescue thousands of unfortunates in New Orleans. It had more to do with how he invaded Iraq and manipulated information to support the false claim of weapons of mass destruction. It had more to do with the thousands of servicemen and women who have died supporting his false claim. It had more to do with the failure to recognize and act on a failing economy, one that is now affecting so many of us. And it had more to do with the divisions and bitterness that he ultimately encouraged between people of this great, free nation.

Many have said that they are proud of Bush for ,"...standing up for his beliefs..." Commendable for an individual, perhaps, but unacceptable when you represent a nation of millions, many who don't hold the same beliefs.

But ultimately, I have the hardest time accepting that those who believe in the loving tenants of Jesus Christ would agree that he was a stellar President. He failed so many people. He gave hope to so few. He divided so many.

I am thankful that Obama is my President. Not because he's a Democrat or black or young or pro-choice, but because he has inspired hope, unity, even LOVE, in a majority of Americans in a way that I've never seen in my lifetime. Especially from a politician.

And that's something I think Jesus would be proud of.

January 22, 2009

Air Stella

Big fun at the Jordan house tonight.

After about three weeks off from the jumpy thing, Stella has proven her mastery of flight. For those who saw the earlier rounds of photos, the lack of enthusiasm was real. Much more entertaining was the flavor of the blue straps.

But now you'd think we arrived in Endor's forests based on the way she gets wound up and excited: laughter, flying, the occassional dog or cat to ram into. It's hard for us to pick ourselves off the floor from watching her.

I really gotta get one of those Flip camcorders...

January 16, 2009

C is for Cookie

This is one of those photos that Stella will hate me for later.

It certainly does her super cute face no justice, but I think it's hilarious. This is what happens when we let her loose with a teething cookie. Find a couple more pictures of what led to this here.

January 14, 2009

Birthday Buddies

Please meet our friends Yanique and Baby Ian. Yanique and I met at Whole Foods while working on an event together. I was pregnant when we met, and so was Yanique, though she didn't know it yet.

We saw each other whenever she was in the store and kept up with each other through email. Our pregnancies were so close together and we were able to share the ups and downs and help each other navigate this crazy, new experience.

To our surprise, Ian and Stella were born on the same day within hours of one another! We were at different hospitals and didn't realize until weeks later when we finally got above water enough to email. So sweet!

January 4, 2009

Happy Birthiversary!

The past few days have been a series of notable milestones — Markana's birthday, our three-year anniversary, and Stella's six-month birthday. Six months! To celebrate, we started our day with a walk to our neighborhood playground, where Stella now enjoys swinging.

(This photo, by the way, continues my unplanned photo series entitled "Stella: Suspended". See more here, here and here.)

From there, we moved on to brunch at one of Nashville's finest restaurants, Germantown Cafe. Stella is now sitting in a high chair at the table, and she loved being the center of attention and watching all the activity as people came and went.

She also loved the french onion soup.