April 9, 2009

You Say Tomato, I Say Ba-ba-da-da-da

Stella had a big time in our backyard garden recently, getting her first look at our soon-to-be tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and zucchini. She didn't quite understand the difference between food and soil, and got a bit over-anxious about the future bounty by trying to ingest a nice dirt clod. Then she got distracted by some nearby grass.

Springtime is gonna be fun.

April 5, 2009

Happy 3/4!

Baby Stella celebrated her 9-month birthday on Saturday. As you can see, she had the traditional 9-month birthday lunch of green peas and chicken sausage. Mmmm mmm. She also got to wear her Ronald McDonald PJs all day long.

We were glad that Markana's parents and brother could be here, too. They, as usual, were a huge help after M's latest treatment and we appreciate everything they do for us.

Happy B-day Stella Rose! Big #1 is right around the corner...