January 29, 2010

Milk? Check. Eggs? Check. Bread? Oh no!

We're in the middle of what they're predicting to be one of Nashville's biggest snow storms, and for once Southerners actually have reason to freak out about snow. Looks like schools closed for a reason this time. Unlike this.

Here's Stella strolling along in her first real snowfall. About two minutes after this Markana had enough and went inside. One minute later Stella starting crying from cold hands. Yay snow!

January 25, 2010

Auntie Bath Time!

Can I tell you how spoiled Stella is? She is so loved. Here she is with her Aunt Amy and Aunt Suzy. They say they are coming over to see me, but I know what is really going on.

They helped Stella get her bath, which gave her an opportunity to show off some of her new skills. She has bath letters that she LOVES and is getting pretty good at identifying them and even placing a word to match. Daddy has worked pretty hard on the P is for Pizza. Impressive and "delicious" Stella says.

January 1, 2010

Being married to me must be awesome!

That's what I've been telling Markana for years in hopes that it might condition her to believe it.

But believe it or not, she at least thought I was awesome enough to agree to marry me four years ago today. Happy New Year! Each anniversary we get to celebrate the beginning of our lives together and the beginning of a new and hopeful year. This year is certainly no different.

Here's to an incredible 2010! Take a hike, 2009.

(we were so hot!)