September 25, 2008

Doin' Stuff

Lack of updates. We know.

Markana has tried several unsuccessful times to recount her/our experiences of Stella's birth, but writer's block seems to be one of the unmentioned postpartum side effects. Maybe the muse will visit at a later date.

So for now, a quick update of Stella's more recent accomplishments:
  • reaching
  • grabbing (sometimes)
  • sleeping through the night (we think we're officially past the 'it's just a fluke' stage)
  • complete love of the dogs (I'm serious)
  • apathy, borderline hatred towards the cats (seriously, I'm serious)
  • lots of smiles and giggles
I'd also list love of pizza and cheese, but I think that's called projection. Or genetics.

At any rate, and as most of you already know from your own experiences, it's extremely fun watching her discover her hands/feet and work hard to get them to cooperate, make new noises (laughs, yells, unidentifiables) and generally turn into a little person. Ah, big fun.

And, yes, we officially concede the fact that we really do have a very happy and cooperative little baby. The first few weeks were trying and had us concerned at times (surprise!), but after some diet adjustments and a few doctor consults, we think we're doing o.k.

Again, sorry for the lack of posts, but for anyone who hasn't been keeping track, there's lots of activity on Stella's photo page. Visit our Picasa photo albums for a steady visual record of what she's been up to.