July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Miss S! (and America)

Great Grandpa Lynwood Jordan Sr. and Stella

We had a great weekend celebrating Stella's first birthday with family in Georgia and South Carolina. Stella was a champ and hung in here all day Saturday with minimal nap time. We spent Sunday morning visiting friends Ryan and Carrie and Baby Layla (4 weeks old) before a wild time with family in the evening grilling burgers and hot dogs. It's crazy that we all have kids now, and even crazier when they all get together to run, play, scream, cry, misbehave, and generally stay as loud as possible for as long as possible. It's so much fun.

Oh, almost forgot. Stella's been showing signs that she's ready to walk the past few weeks, and yesterday she officially "walked" several times. Born on the Fourth; first teeth on Christmas; walking on her first birthday — what flair!

Hope all had a great holiday.