March 30, 2009

Because My Mother Said So

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We were in West Tennessee this weekend for a visit with my family. My Mother let me know before hand that I should bring a white onesie with me, because she was going to put Stella in the "Easter dress" that she bought her and take a picture.

I am not a girly girl. I do like a high heel (or I used to before a became pregnant/mother) and a fun dress, but I have never been "fru fru". Therefore, to the disappointment of most people that I know, I do not dress Stella in such things. But, Stella does own many of these things somehow...

Well, here is a photo that we captured with our camera and I must admit that she looks pretty cute. She looks "beautiful" my Mother says.

March 7, 2009

Baby Jude

We were so glad to finally meet baby Jude. We have been waiting for him for so long! If you have not read Heather and David's story ( I will give you the short. After many miscarriages and failed rounds of In Vitro, Heather's sister-in-law, Cami volunteered to carry their baby. And here he is!

Jude really is so lucky to have parents and a family that loves him so much. He is a special litle boy. We love him already.

We have secret hopes that one day Stella and Jude will marry. Silly, I know. But aren't they so cute together!

Congratulations Heather and David! We love you.