February 12, 2009

Stella Wins!

Well, not really. But when you post your picture to the contest it lets you create a pretend magazine cover. It also automatically generates the headline at the bottom of the page based on the overall cuteness of your baby. Amazing!

Thanks to everyone who voted for helping us select the best photo to submit. 'D' was the favorite with 7 votes, 'B' received 4, and both 'A' and 'C' received 1.

Cross your fingers!

February 11, 2009

Never Say Never

Please help us help Stella win a $125,000 college scholarship. We are shamelessly entering her photo in a contest held by Parenting Magazine/Gerber/Regis and Kelly. Our trouble is deciding which photo is the best bet. The deadline is Friday, so don't forget to vote! (see poll to the right)


February 8, 2009


From Stella, 2009.02

We had to move Stella's bath ritual to the kitchen sink, and so thought it appropriate to snap a few customary baby-in-kitchen-sink photos. We're starting to see the signs of a very mobile child — pulling up, crawling (well, scooting) — and therefore we are learning that it's time to baby-proof. Tonight's bath included grabbing a knife from the dish drain, dunking herself with the faucet and almost pulling up (and out) of the sink.

But aside from the usual baby stuff, we're also seeing signs that she inherited mommy's culinary talents. Like here, where she's practicing what does, and doesn't, fit inside a measuring cup.

From Stella, 2009.02

February 4, 2009

Look at me!

From Stella, 2009.02

Stella is 7 months old today and look at her grow! Fortunately for me, I have posed her in her bed like this - not of her own learning. But soon, very soon. She has not figured out how to crawl yet. Well, her knees and feet seem to know what to do and they are waiting for her arms to catch up. But when they do - watch out kitty cats!

.....who does this baby look like??? She is too funny.