June 27, 2008

Waiting for Stella

I had a nice visit with a midwife yesterday. Not sure why they want you to come in once a week since nothing has happened to report. I repeat - nothing has happened!!!

Yesterday afternoon I found myself unable to do anything but lay on the couch and involve myself in countless episodes of Law and Order. Pathetic, I know. But I am feeling not only discomfort, but a deepening bout of angst. Chip and I just look at each other and wonder when she is coming. We wonder when, we wonder how, will he be at work, will he have taken the bus to work that day and have to find a ride home, will there be construction on the interstate and what alternate route will we take? My mom warned me of the dangers of having too much time to sit and wait...

But really, the suspense is killing us! We just can't wait to see her. I try and try, but I can't get a visual in my head of what she will look like. I watch Chip as he is sleeping and wonder if she will have his mouth or his eyes (he hopes that she does not inherit his nose). I love to look at her little gowns and hold them up my belly and imagine how tiny and snugly she will be. I long to see her and hold her and love her.

June 13, 2008

And in this corner.....

Week 36

Weighing in at 181..... Yes, I have been to visit my midwife today. I am still always amazed to step up to the scale and see how much I weigh. Today I was even more surprised because I have gained 12 pounds in 2 weeks. The midwife says that I am retaining extra water. You think? Look at these feet!

I have to say that other than the occasional bout with acid reflux (well, daily at this point really) my only complaint is these monster feet. Anyone that has seen me has been concerned, so on Monday I went and had my blood pressure tested and a urine test. Both of which were fine. Today, seeing my midwife, she took one look and felt there might be something beyond what the other tests has shown. She requested blood work, so I will have to report back on that when I get the results. (I just heard from my midwife and the blood work was normal 6/14)

At our visit today she also did an examination and it seems that I am nearly 2 cm dilated. She also said that I have a very soft cervix. Both of which I am not sure that I fully understand, but as long as she says everything is good, then I am good.

This weekend we will spend some time getting all of her goodies put away from the baby showers and pack a bag for the hospital. I am feeling the need to get everything ready just in case. There is a full moon on the 19th, so who knows what will happen.