January 8, 2012

It's better than yours

We finally made it over to the much-celebrated Pharmacy Burger Parlor last night, and despite them being out of the first three things Markana ordered, it was good eats. (If "being out of the first three things Markana ordered" equals good eats. It's new. We'll cut some slack. Though I don't know how you run out of onions...)

Stella loved it, especially after spending most of Saturday inquiring about milkshakes. It started after her nap.

"Yes baby..."
"Do you know where Chuck E. Cheese lives?"
(Me, thinking "Thanks PBS for allowing Curious George to be sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese.") "No baby, where?"
"Disney World."
"Mmmm k."
"And do you know what they have there?"

She's never actually had a milkshake (unless she nabbed one in Union City), so after promising her a milkshake with good behavior, we headed to Pharmacy for a family night out. As we we're walking across the parking lot she exclaimed, "It smells like milkshakes!" (It actually smelled like the dumpster we parked next to.)

Then it went like this.

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