August 24, 2008

Baby Love

I have put off writing for so long that I don't even know where to begin. The last seven weeks have been such a whirlwind. Looking at this picture reminds me of how quickly things change.

You know the saying, "A baby changes everything". Well, it does. We are in so deep now, it is hard to imagine where we were before. (Except for all the beautiful sleep we had, or those sunny days lounging by the pool or all the wine I still can't drink due to breastfeeding.)

This entire experience has tested patience that I didn't have much of to begin with, made me cry more tears than I knew I could cry, made me realize that anything I thought I knew about having a baby was completely wrong, appreciate my husband even more than I did before and taught me to love deeper than I have ever known. It truly is beautifully humbling.

I promise (very soon) to ellaborate on the finer details of how our life started with Stella and where we are today. Every day is ever changing.

August 5, 2008

Ok, seriously...

Can you honestly look at this picture and not think Miss Stella is the cutest baby on the planet?!?

(Apologies to the Westbrooks, Freemans, Sewells, Steakleys, Shugarts, Throops, Kings and Wrights. And by 'apologies' I mean I'm sorry your children aren't this cute.)

Not convinced? Check this one out...

Are you kidding me? I mean, come on. Al Gore is gonna have to launch a campaign about the sudden rise of global cuteness.