October 4, 2011


Dear Mimi and Lilly,

Stella drew this picture of the three of you (I think we know who is who) and we love it so much we can't send it to you! 
Stella has recently starting drawing little people - well first it looked like rocks, then the rocks got limbs, then eyes and a mouth, but this is really something special. This is the first picture she has drawn with the pupil details. Lastly, she started on her little eyes and the right one just looked all black and she pushed the paper away and said "its ruined".....hey, its hard when your vision doesn't quite translate. 

So, sorry that you won't be receiving this with your thank you note. But, we still love you and want to thank you for being here to love on Stella during a busy few days for us. 
Miss you. See you soon.